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Scalp micropigmentation is a highly effective solution for balding and thinning hair and is perfect for those who already keep their hair short. The results are instant, long lasting, completely natural looking with little to no maintenance needed. Suitable for all ages, genders, hair and skin colours.



What can SMP do for you?

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly effective solution for balding and thinning hair and is perfect for those who already keep their hair short. The results are instant, long lasting, completely natural looking with little-no maintenance needed. Suitable for all ages, genders, hair and skin colours.

"Buzz Cut" Look

Creating that short ‘buzz cut’ look all over the scalp (full head treatment)

Failed Hair Transplant

Adding density to failed
hair transplant work.

Thinning Hair

Adding density to thinning hair/receding hairlines (density work)

Alopecia & Scar Camouflage

Treatment for Alopecia and scar camouflage

why choose Hairline Back?

At Hairline Back we understand hair loss can be an emotional and sensitive journey which is why we provide a highly personal, friendly service tailored specifically to your individual needs. Your treatment will be done from the comfortable and private setting of our Barnsley based clinic with excellent transport links being just off junction 37 of the M1. We offer flexible payment options with a 6 month ‘touch up’ guarantee.

Male pattern baldness
(full head SMP)

Male pattern baldness is the cause of 95% of baldness in men. Scalp micropigmentation is a highly effective solution for all levels of pattern baldness. In pattern baldness hair around the sides and back of the scalp remains and for men who choose to keep their existing hair shaved down the treatment is perfect. Ink is layered onto the balding areas and blended to the correct shade and density of the existing hair. The overall look is a short, stubble look all over the scalp with a brand new youthful hairline.

Density treatment

Density treatments are perfect for males or females who still have hair but are thinning in places. Ink is strategically added in between the hair making the thinning areas less visible and giving the appearance of added fullness. Please note: Density treatments are only suitable if you have enough hair to cover the ink – if not it is advised that the remaining hair is trimmed down and full head SMP performed.

Female hair loss

Female hair loss can be an extremely emotional experience. It tends to be age related and starts from the parting outwards or around the temples. Other causes are hormonal such as pregnancy and stress. Scalp micropigmentation works by disguising the hairloss by strategically adding ink in between the hair. This gives the illusion of thickness - similar to a root spray but long lasting. Future hair growth is not affected in any way and colouring/styling can continue as normal.

Top-up/refresh session

To keep your treatment looking crisp and like new a top-up/refresh session is recommended every 2 + years. This is normally one session covering the entire area with a slightly darker shade of ink. Hairline back also offers top-up/refresh sessions if you have had your original treatment with another provider.


Alopecia Areata is a medical autoimmune condition whereby the body’s immune system attacks its own hair follicles resulting in patches of hair loss on the scalp of various sizes. The reasons for this are still unknown and although applying medical lotions to the scalp can help hair re-growth there is largely no cure. Scalp micropigmentation can offer life changing results for this confidence destroying condition. Similar to a density treatment ink is used to camouflage the balding patches on the scalp.

Scar camouflage/failed hair transplant work

Hair transplant work is an expensive, time consuming process and unfortunately not always successful. Scalp micropigmentation is often used in conjunction with a hair transplant to add density and fullness to the transplanted hair. Scalp micropigmentation is also perfect for camouflaging scars on the scalp or scars left from hair transplant work.

Your treatment with us

This can be done over the phone, via whatsapp, video call or in person. However you choose to contact us Kate will ask to see your current scalp/hair ( if sending pictures they will need to be clear). Kate can then give you advice on which type of treatment will be best for you and give you a price estimate. Once all your questions about the treatment have been answered and you are happy to proceed you will be booked in for your first session (a small deposit is required to secure your appointment). You will then be sent a medical consent form to complete before your first session. Your treatment will take 3-4 sessions in total with a minimum of 7 days healing time in between.
You will be made to feel more than welcome in our comfortable Barnsley based clinic. Your existing hair will be trimmed to the right level to achieve the most realistic blend with the ink. Kate will design your brand new hairline taking into consideration your age, ethnicity and head shape. When you are both happy with the style then it will be permanently put in place with ink. After your hairline the rest of your balding areas will be covered. Session one is what we call a template session to see how your skin takes the ink and the condition of your scalp. The lightest of ink shades is used and the look will be of a light silhouette. SMP is about layering the ink slowly to create the most natural, realistic of hair tattoos so don’t worry if this first session looks light. You will be given aftercare instructions to follow before your next session.
Sessions 2 and 3 is where your treatment really starts to come together! The colour and depth of your treatment will be built up now in a layering process. Your hairline may be tweaked or lowered if needed and more blending work will be done into your existing hair. Not everyone needs session 4 but normally this is a shorter session to touch up any areas that need a little more work.
Looking after your treatment is super easy! How to care for your treatment in the short and long term will be thoroughly explained by Kate during your sessions. Your treatment is permanent although after 2-4 years it will gradually lighten so most people at this stage have a refresh or ‘top-up’. This is one session where your whole treatment will be covered in a slightly darker shade of ink to make it look as fresh as when it was first done!

Meet Kate McBride – Your SMP Artist

Kate is the lead artist and owner of Hairline Back. Since opening its doors in 2018 Kate has rapidly become one of the leading SMP artists in the North of England. She was trained by leading industry experts and holds the level 4 qualification (the industry’s only government recognised qualification). Her medical background as a cardiac physiologist in the NHS also gives her the most up most respect and understanding for client privacy, dignity and safe practice.

In 2023 Kate was invited to represent the leading worldwide ink company 5pm Shadow as one of their pro artist’s. Kate is the first female artist in the UK chosen to represent them - a huge honour.

Hairline Back uses only the highest quality equipment, needles and ink and offers a 6 month fade guarantee on every treatment. ‘Hair loss can really be confidence shattering for males and females at any age. Seeing the transformation and boost in confidence scalp micropigmentation gives my clients makes me feel incredibly privileged to offer this service to the Yorkshire area and beyond. Every client’s hair loss journey is unique and because of this the service I provide is tailored very much to the individual. From your initial consultation to advice on your hairline style to a free re-check once your treatment is complete I encourage my clients to feel like I am there on hand every step of the way during and in-between their sessions. I promote a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in my clinic. Not only do I want your treatment to be amazing to look at but also an enjoyable experience’.

Brands that trust us

What Clients Are Saying

Fantastic experience having my micropigmentation with Hairline Back! The level of detail Kate went into to make sure I was happy with my treatment was superb! The sessions were comfortable, sociable and I personally found them enjoyable. I would fully recommend this company as they are guaranteed to give you a life changing result just like I had.

Nate Rock

I had my treatment done 2 years ago and it still looks brand new! Kate has done a fantastic job and I feel like I look ten years younger. Don't just accept going bald. It's crazy how getting a hair line back shapes your face. I recommend anyone thinking of doing this to give Kate a call.

Edward Forbes

One word Fantastic!!I’m over the moon with what Katie has done.It looks brilliant!I have a hairline again,it’s a massive confidence boost.Katie is so friendly and professional.You can really tell she cares about her work.Highly recommend!!

Sam McDonagh

If you’re looking for SMP treatment in, around or even further afield than the Yorkshire area then look no further than Hairline Back. Kate is one of the first and one of the front runners in this profession. Her attention to detail and talent, along with pride and professional conduct produce the most impeccable results. I had my first treatments done 2 years ago and recently went beck for a top up treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. No hesitations in recommending this company at all, SMP really gives guys like me a big confidence boost and in my opinion knocks some years off!

Stuart Cameron